Fix the farts, not the diet

Now I know the world is on crack:


Scientists are trying to fight global warming by changing animal flatulence. Emissions from livestock reportedly account for up to half of greenhouse gas emissions in some countries. Kangaroos have stomach bacteria that eliminate methane from their gas; scientists want to transfer these bacteria to sheep and cattle. Bonus: The bacteria could improve digestive efficiency by 10 to 15 percent, thereby reducing feed costs. Alternative proposal: Eat less cattle and more kangaroo meat: “It’s low in fat, it’s got high protein levels,” and “it’s the ultimate free range animal.” (Related: HN’s previous update on global warming and animal flatulence.)

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5 thoughts on “Fix the farts, not the diet”

  1. Yeahhh…

    Of course, then people will tell you that vegans, thru their farting, are contributing to global warming more >_

  2. Well it isn’t about people, it is about cows. If you look at the video I posted and the documentary “King Corn” cows evolved to eat grass. Instead they are being fed a mixture of tax payer subsidized GMO corn, GMO soy beans, ground up dead diseased livestock, feces and sundry trash. My uninformed intuition is that if they fed cows grass they would fart a whole lot less. Of course that would drive the price of beef up, which would be a good thing for everyone, but a lot of people would be against it.

  3. I have heard that grass-fed cows actually release more methane- there’s more roughage in grass than in soy or corn meal (the point of the meal is to get them to put on weight quickly, so the easier it is digested, the better). not to mention grass-fed cows have a much larger env. impact (degraded rangeland, impacted streams, etc)

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