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A few months ago I read a blog post from a carnist that stuck in my mind. He was a fan of Michael Pollan who was a bit angry that his enthusiasm for better food was dashed by not being able to afford the prices.

Yesterday, while I was in a waiting room I was flipping through a magazine that had an article/advertisement for a local “farm” that raised chemical free, grass fed cows. The picture in the article showed that steak from this place was about $16 a pound.

When I got home I went on Amazon. Alaskan salmon, another favorite of the Pollan crowd, was about $32 a pound. A more humble person can buy grass fed organic hamburger for about $7 a pound.

I live in a metropolitan area. I can get organic whole grains and organic dried legumes for about $1.50 – $2.00 a pound depending on where I shop. I know how to cook these things conveniently and I know many delicious recipes. Recipes that are certainly more interesting than hamburger.

In other words, as a vegan, I can live the Pollanesque dream of Earth friendly, sustainable ( not to mention near cruelty free ) and wonderful food for about 1/3 of the cost.


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2 thoughts on “Pollan,Price,Grass & Beans”

  1. For real! I can skip all the ethically raised, wild, organic grassfed mumbo jumbo and save a lot of money by eating organic vegan food.

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