Skinny Bitch Sequel Out Soon

The former fashion model & manager who wrote a book on how to be thin with a low fat, high carb, high fiber, no junk vegan diet are at it again.

The sequel to their book “Skinny Bitch” is due out 2007 December 10th

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5 thoughts on “Skinny Bitch Sequel Out Soon”

  1. I just had a run in with a few vegans who claimed the book was “fat-phobic” because it advocated eating healthy/ exercising to lose & maintain weight. I thought it had some really good HEALTH (and vegan) information while it pretends to fit in with “diet” books.

  2. Living where you do I’m impressed that you found a few vegans to have a run in with :).

    What did the mean by “fat-phobic”? Being anti-fat people or being about eating low fat?

  3. I read the Google Books excerpts too, and I think your peeps are right, dag. The authors gleefully refer to anyone who isn’t a skinny bitch as a “fat pig,” and imply that all such people are disgusting and unlikeable and loathe themselves. Normally, I am not as bothered by speciesist language as some other people are, but I think that’s disrespectful to people and to pigs.

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