Soul Vegetarian not vegan?

I thought I would pass on a warning to Vegans who like to eat at the Soul Vegetarian restaurants.

I read a message on a web board from someone in Tallahasse Florida about their local Soul Vegetarian. He discovered that their barbecue sauce contains honey, even though it is labeled as “vegan”.

That doesn’t mean that your local branche(s) of this restaurant do the same, but if you are concerned about avoiding the use of honey you might want to ask about the ingredients of what you are interested in ordering.

The word “vegan” was coined by Donald Watson and his wife in 1947 to refer to the belief ( and practice ) that it is wrong to exploit animals, including food production. Insects, as well as fish, other sea creatures, chickens and other birds are animals.

Granted nobody owns a word, but I think if a word is only 60 years old it is too new for people to redefine it away from its original meaning.

I think if vegans politely ask about the ingredients of food at Soul Vegetarian restaurants and politely educate their local branches about what veganism is, that these restaurants will comply. They tend to be very respectful about people’s beliefs in addition to being talented cooks.

On that same web board I read this information someone mentioned that a similar situation existed in Chicago ended with Soul Vegetarian dropping non-vegan ingredients after local vegans communicated with them.


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