The power of T-Shirts

I had a nice experience this afternoon.

I put on a new “Vegan” t-shirt I bought at Summerfest ( ) and headed down to the mall in Washington D.C.

I walked around a lot on the mall and spent a lot of time at the Hirschorn.

Two strangers in two separate incidents stopped me and told me that they really liked my t-shirt with “Vegan” in big letters on it.

A lot of people and organizations are “afraid” to use the “v-word” ( “vegan” ) for fear of “scaring” people away by “setting the bar too high”, so many orgs use “vegetarian”. Having done a lot of direct work with the public there is a lot to this idea.

I’m sure that is still true, but my experiences today make me hopeful that as with its predecessor “vegetarian”, “vegan” is moving away from being a “dirty word” in the United States.

I believe “dirty words” stop being dirty words when people use them.

My experiences today have encouraged me to keep using the word “vegan” instead of “vegetarian” whenever I can.

Here is a picture of the t-shirt

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6 thoughts on “The power of T-Shirts”

  1. I’ve gotten a lot of good responses from the vegan clothes I’ve worn. A lot from wearing a “Herbivore” hoodie, too.

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