The Simpson’s And Mad Cow Disease

I love the annual Halloween episode on The Simpsons. This year in addition to being funny The Simpson creators injected some life saving education into the laughs. This is a good thing as many people would not otherwise learnof this issue.

One of the big contributors to Mad Cow Disease which can kill you or leave you crippled, is a practice by the meat industry of recycling bits of cows back into cattle feed. Feeding cows to cows.

The only reason this is done is to increase profits, slightly.

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4 thoughts on “The Simpson’s And Mad Cow Disease”

  1. I think it is great. So many people don’t know that a major contributer to Mad Cow disease is recycling waste from butchering cows back into cattle feed……feeding cows to cows. By wrapping it in humor the authors of The Simpson’s will get more people informed.

  2. hopefully!

    i don’t know if you’ve seen the new film “zombieland”, but the zombie epidemic starts as a result of mad cow disease. woody harrelson (vegan) is also in it )

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