“The Vegetarian Myth” by Lierre Keith

I met Lierre Keith for a few days back in the 1990s and again around the year 2000 as we had gotten involved in ( successfully ) fighting some ugly discrimination issues in Massachusetts. About a year ago, I heard about a new anti-vegan book by someone with the same unique name as hers. I hadn’t had contact with her in years, but I hoped, as I typed her name into Google that it wasn’t her. It was.

A lot has been written on the internet about her book and I’ve added my own opinion in a few of those places. Until now, I have been hesitant to write anything about it on my blog. That changed a few days ago when an acquaintance directed me to a youtube video with an audio excerpt of one of her radio interviews .

The upshot is, that there was a quote from her where she admitted that she binged on eggs and milk every chance she got. You can find the full interview on 94.1 kpfa.org under “Terra Verde – October 29, 2010”. The quote mentioned happens a little bit after 5:30.

All of that drama, that came from all directions, over her book, and Lierre Keith never was a vegan.

For all Keith knows about the true origin of her health problems, she could have contracted one of the many diseases produced by factory farmed animal products while she was a “vegan” binging on eggs and dairy.

If you are curious about her book “The Vegetarian Myth” I recommend reading the two reviews linked to below.

Lierre Keith does not have formal credentials or experience in the diverse topics she writes about in “The Vegetarian Myth”. The authors of the reviews linked to below do, and the gist of their reviews is that she has gotten even the basic facts of those subjects wrong, let alone her much more stronger claims.

Judge for yourself …

Review #1

Review #2

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