Vegan Hot Dog Eating Contest

Compassion Over Killing teamed up with Sticky Fingers Bakery this past weekend to honor National Veggie Hot Dog Month, which also happens to coincide with the industry declared National Hot Dog Month by holding their own vegan ( tofurkey ) hot dog eating contest.

I was a judge in the contest and I thought the event was a great success.

There were 38 contestants and 9 judges. The contest was held outside on the public plaza on the corner of 14th & Park in Washington D.C. about ten steps from Sticky Fingers Bakery. It was a beautiful day out. Bright and sunny. A huge fun loving crowd came. Many locals passing by stopped to see what it was all about and stayed to watch. Many of them left with vegetarian ( vegan ) starter guides. Everybody had fun. All in all a day well spent.

Kudos to Compassion Over Killing for organizing the event, and to Turtle Island Foods for donating all of those tofurkey dogs. Kudos to Sticky Fingers Bakery( vegan ) for cooking those many, many tofurkey dogs — all while doing their normal BUSY, business.

Pictured above are the first, second and third place winners.


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4 thoughts on “Vegan Hot Dog Eating Contest”

  1. This event wouldn’t have been nearly as successful as it was without all the help from the volunteer judges — including Judge Steve!

  2. I’m sorry I missed that. I spend a lot of time at “Sticky Fingers” – with my convenient to-go “Sticky Fingers” mug in hand, I get an ice coffee, “egg” salad sandwich, and lemon-coconut cookie. I love that place 🙂

  3. I really like their chick pea salad sandwiches. Its a nice spot. I like to go there on the weekends after 2pm once the crowds have cleared out so I can take my time sitting there without feeling like I am depriving anyone of a seat.

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