VEGAN-L is dead

In the early days of the internet before the WWW made it big people used to have “discussion forums” primarily through Usenet groups and email lists.

VEGAN-L originally created by Michael Traub was *THE* list to subscribe to talk about anything vegan. If you were vegan and knew about the internet, you were on this incredibly high traffic list.

As other email lists, the WWW, message boards and blogs came into being VEGAN-L stopped being the “go to” place for vegans on the internet. It moved from server and server fading into obscurity.

VEGAN-L eventually ended up being hosted by YahooGroups. VEGAN-L has since shut down. It accepts no new messages. You can read the archives of past messages at:

You can read the once famous VEGAN-L FAQ by Michael Traub at:

It may seem kind of lame now, but back in the early days of the internet that FAQ was one of the few “go-to” places for information about veganism on the internet.

Okay, enough e-nostalgia 🙂

On a related note a similar old school list, that ran about the same time as VEGAN-L, is still up, still running, is still on its own server outside of yahoo or google and still has daily traffic

VML ( Vegan Mailing List )

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