Fool’s Gold of Fat Loss: glycogen

It is no secret that being fat in America is a bad thing. Beyond health issues are cultural issues. If you are fat, you are a social leper, despite most Americans being fat or obese.

This reality makes Americans psychologically vulnerable to any bogus fad diet that comes along. Beyond costing us money bogus diets can cost us our health.

Nothing convinces people like results. If an American experiences a quick weight loss they will find religion and become a true believer.

There is a little known physiological fact I call “the fool’s gold of fat loss” that has sold more people on more bogus fad diets than anything else.

Aside from fat, a human body will store energy in a kind of carbohydrate called glycogen in muscle tissue. Muscular glycogen is used as a quickly deployed short term energy source. Human physiology being what it is this muscular glycogen is bound up with several pounds of water.

Any diet that causes any kind of caloric deficit will cause this glycogen to be used up in a few days and will cause the release of several pounds of water weight.

Instant weight loss! This must be our natural diet! This system works!

Yah, it works. Until the calorie deficit ends and you begin drinking water again.

Caveat Emptor!

Don’t be impressed by an initial fast weight loss….on any regime….even a good one.

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