5 thoughts on “Why Are Americans So Fat?”

  1. When I look back at my childhood and all the junk food crap I used to eat, I’m not surprised I was as overweight and out of shape as I was =/

    Now, when I walk into a conventional grocery store, I’m always amazed at how much total crap is on the shelves.

  2. It always pisses me off that I have to pay more for my home made meal of organic broccoli, rice, coconut milk, etc then someone having a BigMac & Co. It shouldn’t be like that!

  3. I agree with you and it bothers me even more hearing American conservatives go on about the virtues of the free market. How free is the free market if the government is subsidizing corn? Where is the rugged individualism and personal responsibility when people are having other people subsidize their food bill?

    I’m not against subsidies. I would like to see the American federal government subsidize organic vegetables and fruit to turn some of this nonsense around.

    However, if I can’t have that I would be happy if the republicans walked their own talk and pulled out the agriculture subsidies that keep meat as well as junk food artificially cheap.

    At that point organic produce would become competitive. The “free market” would work motivate people toward buying food that is healthier for them and the environment.

  4. If a person is fat from junk food they’re probably dumb. I mean seriously, at some point in life a normal person will question ‘what’s on the menu’. If you’re over lets say 25, and every greasy fat menu item at Burger King is a green light (meaning you’ll eat it without question every day) then I’m sorry but, you’re probably a little slow.

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