Adventures in cooking part 2

This Sunday my adventures in cooking continued with 2 recipes from this vegan recipe booklet:

You can also read these recipes for free at

First I tried
Champion Chilli

I used some dried ( then soaked overnight ) black beans instead of kidney beans and I added a tablespoon of cayenne pepper to the recipe but it turned out very tasty. It made a huge pot. I have food for a few days. Very filling too, which was good, because I had a full stomach which helped my self control when I made

Chocolate peanut butter pie

This was so rich even nibbling on a bit of the surplus pie filling completely filled me up and I still don’t want to eat. I have a new appreciation for the cost and time involved in making a pie. I bought my ingredients from a co-op so that added some money, but the ingredients for the pie cost the better part of $20. I used a ready made crust ( whole spelt, couldn’t find grahm cracker crusts anywhere ) so that cut down on a lot of time. All I had to do was melt the chocolate and mix the filling. All I had was a blender so I had to do it in stages. I’m sure if I had a food processor it would have gone quicker. The pie is delicious and it was worth the trouble. It was the first pie I ever made. I enjoyed the experience. To my pleasant surprise baking can be fun. It is creative like programming and like programming you get the fun and satisfaction of making something.

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26 thoughts on “Adventures in cooking part 2”

  1. Make your own graham cracker crust for cheaps:

    1/2 cup almonds
    2T oil (canola works fine)
    4T agave nectar
    1 C Whole Wheat Pastry Flour (this is different–but should cost about the same as the regular kind. If you use the regular kind it will turn out hard and bad…)
    1/4 T salt

    Grind almonds in blender and transfer to a bowl. Mix together almonds with rest of ingredients. Press this mixture onto the bottom of a pie plate. Start in the center and work your way up the sides from the center. Stop when it’s “nice looking” and goes up the sides. Bake at 350 for 15 mins.


  2. My sophomore year of college (before I was vegan), I made a pie each week out of something different that started with the letter p. I am no longer certain why I did this.

    For a quick, easy, and reasonably cheap vegan pie, take a quart of fruit juice, mix in a little sugar and some cornstarch (I’m afraid I forget how much is best to use), bring to a boil and simmer until the cornstarch all cooks, and pour into a premade/prebaked pie crust.

  3. On my website (the one that I show to my students so there’s no mention of cooters) I have a whole entire page devoted to vegan food pics. The first 10 or so pics are pics of pie.

    Googles my name and you’ll see my site as the top link.


  4. I would love to take pictures of what I cook, but at this point I don’t feel ready to plunk down several hundred dollars for a digital camera. The net is awash with blogs with vegan food pictures too.

  5. Buzzard – those recipes sound very inventive. I bought a two pack of pie crusts. I still have one. I may try something like what you wrote at some point to get rid of it. I think I could have made this pie cheaper by using PW’s pie crust recipe, buying cheaper chocolate chips and buying the rest of the few ingredients from the supermarket. I bet that would shave at least 5 bucks if not more off of the price.

    Dag – I don’t think this pie will survive very well frozen or in the mail.

    I had my first real piece this morning after breakfast. Wow, it was good and worth all of the hassle. I’m going to bring it into work so I don’t end up wearing it on my waist, but it is almost too good for my coworkers :).

  6. PW, on your web site:

    – your activism link is 404
    – your humor page is blank

    I like your free(dom) software page.

    I believe in the value of Stallman’s views — free(dom) software versus open source, but I think his and other free(dom) programmer’s attitudes about not needing to make GPL software friendly keeps his views from getting propagated. The GPL or OSS list that most people would be interested in, is a short list of nice software….as is shown on your site. Ironically, many of the people in those projects don’t care about Stallman’s philosophy, they just enjoy programming writing off Stallman , as well as the GPL as rigid.

  7. Yeah I had plans for those…but I kept putting off making those pages. It’s been that way for like 6 months now…I also needa do something about my layout too so my site doesn’t look so 1996…

    Do you know of any nice html/css coding software for Linux? I’ve been doing everything by hand and emacs…

    I really have no idea behind the history of the programs, I just really like them a lot. I started tinkering around with linux a couple of years ago. Best decision of my life. It made my computer usable for 9 effing years! I bought it in 1998. I just got one of those Ubuntu desktops from Dell a couple of weeks ago. SUPER DUPER FRIGGING AWESOME! I got everything to work except my scanner…I’ll try again when I have time…

    Regarding the pie crust, if the filling would go good with cinnamon put some cinnamon in the crust ingredients… I’ve been wanting to try that. Do like 1/2 to 1 teaspoon. And if you don’t have them already, get a good set of measuring spoons. You’re recipes will turn out even better b/c all recipes are calibrated to a standard measure.


  8. PW;

    emacs? You are a sexy babe !!! As far as wysiwyg web development software for linux gets this and a few html CODE editors is as good as it gets:

    I have stainless steel measuring spoons and cups. Your aren’t dealing with some chreesy college boy here ! 🙂

  9. Well Harel must be a sexy guy cuz he showed me how to use it. Actually he showed me how to use several things…


    Kudos on the spoons.


  10. Yes! I remember seeing it when your homepage was different than the blog. It has just so been bookmarked.


  11. i guess that makes me the enemy using windows… my excuse is that linux doesn’t have the programs i need, or at least not up to the quality i need (i made a resume in one word processing program, and had it nicely formatted… then when i show up for my job interview, i find that it doesn’t trasnlate to printing formatted (my future boss had printed it off, and it looked horrible). still got the job tho….

  12. Do your resume in one of the many RTF editors that run on GNU/Linux. RTF(Rich Text Format) was made by microsoft, they don’t mess with it, its old, and it does all the formatting you would need for a resume. Since it is so simple almost any version of Word will open it cleanly.

    I knew one Network dude who would do his resume in plain text and then just put a “.doc” on the end when HR people would ask for it in Word.

    Open Office is the best for saving into *.doc on linux. It also helps to save into the earliest version of Word.

  13. I use open office and save to a pdf. My cv is exactly how I want it. Take a lookee on my site.

    Oh and open office rawks with saving .doc and .xls extensions too. The windows computers at work can’t tell the difference.

    Get Ubuntu, it’s easy as *pie*.

  14. Dag, you can run Ubuntu from a CD. So you can test out making a few short papers/resumes on it and printing them out. If you don’t like the results you just take the CD out. If you do like the results you can install Ubuntu. Ubuntu will also partition your hard drive for you if you want to keep windoze.

  15. well, all of brian’s computers run ubuntu, so i’ve tried it out… i also can’t find a satisfactory program to replace dreamweaver =/ i’ve heard the programs are getting better… i want to switch to something open-source..

  16. You aren’t going to get that. NVU, which is pretty much the Netscape web page editor sawed off of the browser into its own standalone project is all that there is. That and a sea of text editors with some frills for editing HTML tags.

  17. I guess I could prolly get by using GIMP to create website designs (if they have a slice option) & then using a text editor in Linux… I really would miss some nice Dreamweaver features.

    Is there anything like Adobe InDesign in linux?

  18. It is better than one step closer, it is a step above.

    Linux is a lesser copy of UNIX. The mac is based on BSD, a very good flavor of UNIX. The mac has one of the most advanced GUIs of any system. In addition to that almost any UNIXish kind of stuff you can do on linux you can do on the mac while having all the user friendliness you can eat.

    Many top level uber geeks have dumped linux for the mac. They got tired of futzing….or more accurately, futzing with things they have futzed with before or are not interested in futzing with instead of spending their time on things they do want to futz with.

  19. woo hoo!

    i guess i’ll have to learn to get past the mac- OS style… i hate it! probably more because i grew up on windows, than anything else…

  20. Macs cost too much. And the software for them doubly costs too much. Bah humbug…Aaaaannnd they get viruses now. Humbug..


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