Star Trek 2009

I know any decent editor can take the worst movie and splice together a fantastic trailer. If the new Star Trek movie is half as dramatic as the trailer, I’m there! I loved the scene where the young Kirk unofficially takes the Captain’s seat in a crisis. The scene seemed to be right out of Camelot. King Arthur pulling Excalibur out of the stone. The movie opens Friday 2009 May 08

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7 thoughts on “Star Trek 2009”

  1. i dunno… i am a bit excited, but it seems like they took the star trek idea and turned it into another teenage summer action flick (it doesn’t help that the intro for most of the ads is “this is not your father’s star trek”- ie, no one liked the old star trek, but this one is action packed with lots of explosions, sex, etc loosely attached to a star trek theme)

  2. I decided to wait a week to avoid the kind of crowds that show up for these movies. Hardcore know-it-all fans who can’t resist lecturing their friends in murmurs during the film. People who couldn’t find a baby sitter and who have their screaming child spoil the film.

  3. I saw it. Waited 2 weeks to see it for similar reasons. It could have been great. I was willing to accept the arbitrarily disfigured Enterprise. I was willing to accept a Kirk that looked like he was 17.

    The plot however. Like the science, was horrible. Roddenberry spins in his grave. Nimoy should be ashamed for helping to rape canon.

  4. The plot seemed too ordinary to me. I like science fiction because it is a mind fuck. It makes you think and fills you with a sense of wonder. The friend I saw it with said that most movie goers are used to space operas only and that she read an article where the non-trekies who went felt the plot made them think too much.

    I’ve noticed that most of the Star Trek movies have focused on space opera themes rather than science fiction. I think one of the things that made the old show great were the episodes that were true science fiction.

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