4 thoughts on “Boston joins plastic bag ban”

  1. So I read the article. Are these people even AWARE of REUSABLE canvas bags? Waaaaay nicer than paper which tears super easily too…

    I try to keep like 6 in my car at all times…


  2. In Germany if you want the store to give you a “disposable” bag you have to pay for it.

    I think that or a return deposit system on other packaging would work much better to reduce litter.

  3. i do think most people aren’t aware of canvas bags =/. i’m really happy at work when someone buys a box of shoes and doesn’t want a plastic bag.

  4. A few stores in my area like My Organic Market make it into a marketing tool. They sell them very cheaply, display them in prominent areas, and have the stores logo on them. It is free advertising for the business the way t-shirts are and with “green” being the in thing these days selling the bags is great PR.

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