King Corn

King Corn is a documentary about two friends graduating college who decide to have their hair analyzed. Hair analysis is good for detecting anything that was taken into a body going back years. The men discover that like most Americans their bodies are made out of corn.

The friends decide to go back to their ancestral home town in Iowa and spend a year planting an acre of corn and then following their crop to see what happens to it.

Seasoned environmentalists, vegans, and those who are interested in agricultural issues will find no surprises, but the beauty of this documentary is that it is tailored to and suitable for people new to the issues.

While King Corn has the playful, fun style of most contemporary documentaries it avoids becoming a “mockumentry”. The documentary does not try to indict anyone or give a conclusion. King Corn presents the information to the viewer, being respectful to everyone involved and lets the viewer form his/her own conclusions.

If you search youtube under “King Corn” you will find some interesting interviews with the producers and you can rent “King Corn” from netflix.

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