Buddhist Grammar Nazis?

I recently came across a Facebook page devoted toward being a “grammar nazi” ( my term, not the author’s ).

I tend not to care for such things, but I subscribed anyway. The author, after making fun of other people’s mistakes posts an explanation of why the writing was wrong. I tend to be in the middle on the grammar proficiency scale, so I thought I could learn a few things.

I did.

Then for the holidays the author posted a little bit about her background. It turns out she was raised a “secular Buddhist”. Translation: her parents liked the down to Earth teachings of Buddhism, but decided to ditch the religious trappings, superstitions and the parts of Asian Buddhism they did not care for. I have no problem with that.

However, I was a bit disturbed. My opinion of “grammar nazism” is that it is a mean spirited cheap shot 99% of the time. People criticize grammar, when they can’t answer a point made in the content of what a person had to write.

One thing I always liked about Asian and some Western Buddhism, is the subculture of respect, kindness and using speech constructively. I have to say I was a bit disturbed that someone calling herself a “secular Buddhist” would have a “grammar nazi” page. The focus of her page was making mean jokes at other people’s expense – at their writing mistakes, which we ALL make.

Not my cup of tea.

Just saying ….

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