4 thoughts on “conspiracy theorists”

  1. Have you heard about how Ray Bradbury has recently been saying the Fahrenheit 451 wasn’t intended to have a free speech message, just one against television? (your post reminded me of that :o)

    I really do hate how some people think you’re a nutjob if you think outside the box or try to explain hidden motives… >_

  2. Okay, I changed the quote for a bit. Let me know which form you like better.

    I always took Bradbury’s book the way he meant it but I think it is fairly easy to take it as a story about free speech and rightfully so. I think books convey a depth of information and a depth of thought you will not find elsewhere in print, most certainly not in television.

  3. When I read F451 I didn’t really get the telly thing as a major theme… I thought the main theme was infringement on free speech, heh.

    I’ll have to say that now that I have less time to waste because of work, I’ve spent more time reading and much, much less time watching the TV or surfing.

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