Lucy & Time

I went searching for this quote and I found two interesting surprises. The first was that it seems the original version uses “person” to refer to anyone instead of the older style of using the word “man” to refer to anyone. The second surprise was who originally uttered the quote, at least according to Think Exist

“If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it.”

– Lucille Ball

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6 thoughts on “Lucy & Time”

  1. that is pretty cool :O)

    when i first saw the title i thought it said “lunch time” & i went “sweet! i’m hungry..”

  2. There is a lot of wisdom in that comment. Some people are always busy without getting much done. Some people like the feeling of living their life in a crisis. Other people are just disorganized. However, I think you can look at what a person is currently doing with themselves and use that as an indicator of what you can expect from them, at least in the short term. A person who uses their time, who gets things done knows how to get things done and is about doing things. If they agree to do something for you the chances of it getting done go up, even if they are short on time. Someone who is in the habit of not facing situations and putting things off will likely continue with those trends unless there is some external pressure. They may have a large amount of time at their disposal, but it will not make any difference in terms of things getting done.

  3. yeah, i agree…

    i feel like semesters where i have harder/busier classes are where i do best because then i always have enough to do to where i don’t get bored and kill time.

  4. Alan Lakein, one of the original time management gurus would let his employees leave early if they got all of their work done. He believed in a “Boyles Law” for time use. In other words the amount of time it would take to get a set of tasks done will expand to fit the time available.

  5. If i’m getting paid, i work my ass off and try my best.
    If people want to collaborate on something with me I’m excited and will crank out quality and give my best.
    left alone…i slack *but i’m working on that and will be sure to get on it first thing in the morning lol

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