Back in May I wrote about the superiority of the recumbent bicycle as well as my experience with it:


Now there is this cool “switchbike”, video courtesy of Dag:

The switchbike was shown at the Holland Innovation show, although it’s not currently in production. By flipping a switch on the handle, it converts quickly from a regular city bike into a recumbent bicycle. Ron de Jong, the designer is still looking for a company to take his bike into production. Wow.

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8 thoughts on “Switchbike”

  1. I don’t know.

    Recumbents already are made from the same materials, often the same parts as regular bikes. They are expensive because they are not mass produced.

    At least in the US people would have to be convinced of the value of a recumbent or a “convertible”

  2. a city bike is more convenient/ safe for go around the city (sidewalks, etc), and the recumbent is faster and more comfortable for longer distances.

    all my bikes are upright… i haven’t tried a recumbent yet, but i think the record for the fastest human-powered vehicle was made on a recumbent (upwards of 60mph i think)

  3. Neat, now I understands. Thank you for learning me sumptin’!

    I bet that human was very light and fit…


  4. Looks promising. I’d love to be able to switch between two bikes in one. Some of my longer bike rides could really benefit from the recumbent position.

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