When I moved a few months back Tommy was the first person I met. Very gregarious, I soon got in the habit of petting him.

I asked a fellow tenant about him. She said that he has been around for many years, that other neighbors told her that he used to wear a collar, and that they think someone left him behind when they moved. She added that she was told someone in a neighboring building let him inside during the winter. He looked well fed, people in my town like “sharing cats” and taking turns taking care of them.

A few months later I saw a guy walking some dogs and Tommy approached them. I told the guy he wasn’t my cat, but that he was friendly. He said he knew, that Tommy was his cat, that he was an “outdoor cat”, that he got him his shots, that neighborhood children gave him treats, and that he didn’t mind.

I started buying cat treats for Tommy, but I didn’t want to leave the food outside where it might attract rats. So, I started inviting Tommy inside to give him his treats. Usually he leaves after a few minutes, but sometimes he hangs around.

Here is he making himself at home.

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