Less food in our food

I’m blatantly ripping this off of Krista at stumptous.com, A recent article at Mother Earth News stated that plant breeders have caused the amount of nutrition in our food to decrease:

  • Wheat and barley: protein concentrations declined by 30 to 50 percent between the years 1938 and 1990.
  • In 45 corn varieties developed from 1920 to 2001, concentrations of protein, oil and three amino acids have all declined in the newer varieties.
  • Six minerals have declined by 22 to 39 percent in 14 widely grown wheat varieties developed over the past 100 years.
  • Average calcium content of broccoli was 12.9 milligrams per gram of dry weight in 1950; 4.4 mg/g dry weight in 2003

Fertilizer and organics aside, the breeds developed for better yields are also causing problems.

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