Brown Rice

The nutrition experts tell us that to control our weight more easily we should eat high fiber, low fat, and low processed foods. Whole grains are frequently mentioned.

Brown rice was to be one of the most popular whole grains. It is a staple in my diet and probably always will be.

I was surfing around my favorite nutrition data site this morning ( ). I compared the amount of fiber among various whole grains as well as foods used like grains: brown rice, buckwheat, amaranth, oatmeal, millet, quinoa, and bulgar wheat. Brown rice by far had the least amount of fiber.

That is not to say brown rice will not fill you up. I find brown rice filling when I eat it with legumes.

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One thought on “Brown Rice”

  1. Sometimes for vegans, less fiber is a good thing…or at least for the way I eat…

    Remember, high fiber diets should have high water content to moooove everything along…


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