Taking back the word “Elite”

Ignorant people are intimidated by people who know more things than they do. They put themselves down and avoid those people. Intelligent people know that there is always someone who knows more than they do and that there is always someone who knows less than they do. Given that, intelligent people do not put themselves down for not knowing as much as someone else and they are not intimidated by talented people. They very smartly take advantage of what talented people have to offer.

This hilarious and spot on video from Bill Maher points out how the former attitude has hurt Americans. This article shows how the RNC is trying, again, to convince Americans that it is good to be ignorant and avoid talented people:


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6 thoughts on “Taking back the word “Elite””

  1. I’d find this whole situation much more amusing if Obama didn’t seem so genuinely befuddled by it sometimes. It’s still pretty amusing, though.

  2. Do you mean doing what other presidents ( excluding the current one ) did in dumbing themselves down when they talk to make people more comfortable with them?

  3. I mean mostly his comment that “it’s like these people take pride in being ignorant” – as if the concept had never occurred to him before. And to me it seems like the whole Obama campaign has been ill-prepared to deal with nonsense accusations from the McCain camp: that Obama “still say(s) no to drilling in America,” or that telling people to inflate their tires is the entirety of Obama’s energy policy. Neither of those is such a difficult concept to explain to the masses, but I haven’t seen Obama seriously try to do it. Instead, he’s now trying to distract people with talk of a $1000 bribe…er…energy rebate.

  4. I like bribes.

    People are mostly not dumb, but they think things can be fixed with “one liner” ideas. Which is dumb.

    To address that, we need to rethink our entire educational system…and then wait 20 years.

    That’s my work, not his.

    Obama’s doing the best to be expected.


  5. I’m sure if Bill Maher could find that out you can research it for yourself to verify it if you are so inclined. I honestly don’t know for sure, but I would not be surprised given everything I’ve seen.

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