Panda Express – Not Vegetarian

The below piece is from the Vegetarian Resource Group (VRG) email news letter


from: VRG-NEWS, The Vegetarian Resource Group Newsletter
Editors: Sonja Y. Helman & John L. Cunningham
December 2006

Most of you have probably eaten at or at least seen the popular
quick-service Chinese restaurant, Panda Express. It is common to find them at airports and food courts. You may not be aware that with the exception of the steamed rice, their food is not vegetarian. Their website unequivocally states “we do not offer vegetarian meals.” Their food is prepared with a chicken base. For more information, you can go to their nutrition page on the web

They responded to our email saying, “Although some of our stores are transitioning to using a vegetable broth we still do not offer vegetarian entrees.” If you would like to offer positive comments to Panda Express regarding your desire that all their restaurants use vegetable broth, you can contact them through their website

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2 thoughts on “Panda Express – Not Vegetarian”

  1. The last time I ate there was years ago. I hate their food. It’s just… awful. Now I have another reason to hate their food.

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