Article: Washington Post Reporter Leaflets With PETA

My favourite part of the article. It made me laugh

“Leafleting” is not a typical way that friends get together, unless your friend happens to be Bruce, who is always working, and whose work consists of informing most everyone in the world, often via leaflet, that they are bloodthirsty monsters. Bruce is a national spokesman for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, the in-your-face animal rights organization that believes it is immoral to consign fully sentient beings to nightmarish lives of immobility, fear and pain just because we like to eat them instead of eggplant.

I know you probably have a problem with the previous sentence. Many people do. If you are like me, your problem is that you think it is

(1) personally insulting and obnoxious; and

(2) true.

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3 thoughts on “Article: Washington Post Reporter Leaflets With PETA”

  1. I spent 5 minutes googling to see if Mr. T is in fact veg before I read the rest of the article…



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