Dirty Vegan

Or “Go Ahead, Make My Falafel”.

Thats right, Dirty Harry is a vegan, so if you are going to serve that vegan pizza the question you want to ask yourself is “did I use the vegan cheese or did I use the one with casein in it?”

Eastwood has been a registered Republican since the 1950s but describes himself as a libertarian. He was appointed to an arts council by President Richard Nixon in the 1970s, elected mayor of Carmel in the 1980s and was appointed to the California parks commission (and then fired from it) by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. None of this, he says, has anything to do with Callahan.

“There was a lot made about the politics of the film, and what my politics were — imagined and real. A lot of people thought I was a renegade. Everyone drew these things into it. Maybe they were there. Maybe they were reading stuff into it that wasn’t there. It’s a role. That’s the fun of being an actor, being something you weren’t.”

People ask him to autograph rifles, but Eastwood is no Charlton Heston. A vegan, he was distressed to hear Hillary Rodham Clinton boast recently about bagging a bird. “I was thinking: ‘The poor duck, what the hell did she do that for?’ I don’t go for hunting. I just don’t like killing creatures. Unless they’re trying to kill me. Then that would be fine.”

Eastwood said that he has a deep respect for due process and Miranda rights. But he added that there’s a benefit to feeding the fantasies of frustrated cops. “It’s gotten me out of a lot of speeding tickets through the years.”

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5 thoughts on “Dirty Vegan”

  1. Clint Eastwood is a charming fella’. Action for Animals put him up on our sexiest vegetarian poster we had at Pride Texas Festival this past weekend. Just goes to show that even cowboy men can pull off the vegan diet.

  2. brian pointed out this related news:
    “Warner Home Video on Tuesday will release a lavish new boxed set of all
    five “Dirty Harry” movies (the $75 DVD set includes 1973’s “Magnum Force,”
    1976’s “The Enforcer,” 1983’s “Sudden Impact” and 1988’s “The Dead Pool”)
    that comes with a faux police badge tucked inside an ******eel-skin


  3. Holy crap I had no idea….

    And he probably didn’t know the DVD company was going to do that……


  4. According to a recent post on an animal rights list-serve, Eastwood is a “near-vegetarian.” Seems like this may be another case of a journalist not knowing what vegan means, as well as sloppy editing.

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