R.I.P Vegetarian Times

Vegetarian Times magazine will be experimenting with changing its name to “Greens” by using that name with the next two issues sold at newsstands.

Their marketing people say it is an attempt to reach a larger, younger, hipper crowd. The current dominant demographic of Vegetarian Times readers are well to do non-vegetarian white women over 50. The environment is hot these days…..literally….ha ha. Brushing a product with green paint ( “green washing” ) is currently a great marketing tool.

Vegetarianism has always been about ethics in regards to animals. Environmental and health justification are new developments. Older friends of mine have told me that when the Vegetarian Times first came out it was about the original “Vegetarianism”.

By the time I started reading the Vegetarian Times in the 1980s it was just starting to move away from animal rights, animal welfare and politically orientated content. It was about where Veg-News magazine is now on the spectrum between content and fluff.

After reading the Vegetarian Times for a few years I got turned off after their lead editor Paul Obis quit. That is, he quit the magazine and vegetarianism writing in his last editorial :

“Twenty years of tofu is enough”

Every few years after that I would peruse the latest issues of the Vegetarian Times while shopping. I saw that it had changed into a gourmet recipe magazine. I started hearing accounts ( true? ) that they started including animal products in their recipes. The staff came out publicly saying that most of their readers were not vegetarians.

I got the feeling years ago that the people who run the Vegetarian Times stopped being interested in helping animals and stopped being interested in vegetarianism. Changing the name to drop “Vegetarianism” only acknowledges the staff’s change of interest and how they want a different magazine.

I like the idea of a vegetarian friendly recipe magazine called “Greens” much better than I like a magazine called “Vegetarian Times” which mentions nothing about helping animals and publishes recipes with meat in it.

Seriously, while I have bad feelings about the people at the Vegetarian Times giving up on their values I think the name change is a good thing as it finally ends an ugly and embarrassing contradiction.

The name change is a good thing.

Checking this blog post in January of 2018 it looks like this change was reversed as the Vegetarian Times is still around.

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2 thoughts on “R.I.P Vegetarian Times”

  1. Blech, the Vegetarian Times has never been a good mag in my mind… too many dairy or egg recipes, and boring articles…

  2. I’m glad I ditched this subscription years ago. I liked having it when I was a new vegan, but quickly got over it.

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