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Compassion Over Killing publishes one of the best “vegetarian” ( only talks about vegan foods ) starter kits at The nutrition information is complete. The tone is respectful. It explains many of the reasons why people might choose to go vegan. It has a recipe section with great pictures. Compassion Over Killing will send you a very nice hard copy version of the starter kit for free. However anyone can read the starter kit and more for free at I also like that Compassion Over Killing also gives away “” bumper stickers, because while I am stuck in traffic people behind me will see the easy to remember URL “”, some will be curious, some will go to the site, and some people will learn some cool things.

I gave such a bumper sticker to a friend who is a biker rather than a driver. Being a crafty Martha Stewart/MacGiver type of person my friend modified her bumper sticker for her bicycle in a really cool way:

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8 thoughts on “TryVeg Bike”

  1. w00t! i need to add it to the other side as well :o) i’ve also put some on my school notebooks so peeps in class can see it before we start taking notes… and it’s on my travel bag so peeps in the airport can see it… all i need is a car bumper to put one on ;o)

  2. you mean harel? ;o)

    heh, for some reason for a while i thought his name was “hansel” or “hanwen” or something else like that because i had trouble remembering it.

  3. Ah, the complications of having a Israeli born sweetie. Well I guess it’d be just as difficult, probably moreso to spell my last name on the first try.

    His name is Harel, pronounced HA-rel.

    I have spoken to him, and he informs me that we do have some, but both of us have absolutely no idea where they are… (We are STILL unpacking…)


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