Do you want to get the most nutrition for the particular amount of calories you consume? CRON-O-Meter is cross platform ( Java! Yay! ) software that will make achieving that goal easier. Just type in what you are eating or plan to eat. CRON-O-Meter will show you how much nutrition you will get for the calories you will allow yourself to consume given your food choices.

CRON-O-Meter is free software. That is, “free” as in “freedom” software, more commonly known as “open source” ( the freedom to see and alter the source code ). CRON-O-Meter is also free as in “free of charge”.

Get it here:

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3 thoughts on “CRON-O-Meter”

  1. Thanks, I just started using it. Way easier than for the infos I want!!!

    I needs to gets me more folates…. I have chosen to incorporate the OJs into my diet agains…. Protein was A-OK.


  2. Jeff Novick told me about it. I haven’t tried it, but he says an interesting experiment is try to maximize your nutrition for a limited number of calories without restricting your fat intake. In other words as the percentage of calories from fat goes up nutrition goes down.

  3. whooo i got waaaay too much fat today (breakfast was fried tofu in sesame sauce, leftover from last night)

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